Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Torn Dress

In Laurel and Hardy's Double Whoopee (1929), Jean Harlow is unaware that the train of her dress has gotten caught in a limousine door.  She walks on, causing the back of her dress to be torn off completely.  The identical gag was performed three years later by Thelma Todd in This Is The Night (1932).

A classic gag from Bringing Up Baby (1938) involves Katherine Hepburn accidentally tearing off the back of her gown and Cary Grant walking discreetly behind her to obscure the fascinating new view.  

The gag was recreated with Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds in It Started with a Kiss (1959). 

A gender swap variation of this scene occurs in A Shot in the Dark (1964).  Peter Sellers splits the back of his pants and Elke Sommers acts promptly to shield his exposed bottom.


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