Sunday, June 6, 2021


For years, I routinely drank my morning cup of coffee out of a Three Stooges coffee mug.  But then, one morning, I bumped the mug with my elbow and the mug went plummeting to the floor.  I heard it break.  Oh, no, I couldn't bear to look!  But, in situations like this, we must be brave.  The mug, though a sturdy piece of ceramic glassware, had shattered into four large pieces.  I quickly got to work gluing the pieces back together.  The pieces had clean edges and fit together perfectly.  Or so I thought.  The mug may have looked as good as new, but I found when I attempted to drink coffee out of it that I had created a perfect dribble cup.  This was an exceptionally silly ending for a coffee mug dedicated to three exceptionally silly men.

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