Saturday, June 26, 2021

A Train Station Routine

An exceptional collection of comedy routines turns up in It's a Great Feeling (1949).  There's a funny scene at a train station that is reminiscent of the Marx Brothers' Tutti Frutti ice cream sketch.  

The film was written by eminent comedy scribes Jack Rose and Mel Shavelson.  Rose and Shavelson started out writing gags for Bob Hope's radio show in the 1930s.  In the 1940s, the writers successfully transitioned to feature films, often working up new gags for their old radio boss.  Rose was a writer on Hope's Road to Rio (1947).  Both writers contributed material to the Hope classic The Paleface (1948).  In addition, Shavelson was a writer on Wonder Man (1945), which is my all-time favorite Danny Kaye film.

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