Sunday, June 6, 2021

Mirthful Alliances

Today, I want to acknowledge a few little known comedy teams. 

Åke Söderblom and Oscar Törnblom join forces to provide comic support in the romantic comedy Julia Jubilerar (1938).

Patsy Kelly and ZaSu Pitts make an interesting comedy duo in Broadway Limited (1941).

Three funny middle-aged ladies, Marjorie Main, ZaSu Pitts and Aline MacMahon, have a riotous run-in with a bear in Tish (1942).  The team is combination of The Three Stooges and The Golden Girls.

Fred MacMurray and William Demarest make a perfect comedy team in Pardon My Past (1945) and On Our Merry Way (1948).  

The actors also appeared together in Hands Across the Table (1935) and The Far Horizons (1955).  

The duo's best known collaboration came about on the classic sitcom My Three Sons (1965-1972).

Leif Erickson and Gordon Jones play a sharpie and patsy type of comedy duo in Blonde from Singapore (1941).

Hans Moser and Willy Forst are a memorable comedy team in Wiener Blut (1942).  There's a hint of the "Load!  Unload!" routine in this scene.

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