Monday, June 14, 2021

A Random Collection of Film Images

Billy De Wolfe and Mona Freeman in Isn't It Romantic (1948)

Rochelle Hudson guns down Bruce Cabot in Show Them No Mercy! (1935). 

James Gleason, one of the most popular and prolific character actors of Hollywood's Golden Age, had his last film role opposite Jock Mahoney and Lon Chaney Jr. in Money, Women and Guns (1958). 

Hedy Lamar and Jimmy Stewart are separated by a thin wall during an overnight hotel stay in Come Live with Me (1941).

Hangman's Knot (1952) is an early siege film.

Here's how Sherlock Holmes was marketed in the wake of the 1960s Batman television series.

This elaborate three-story set was created under the direction of George Stevens for The Diary of Anne Frank (1959).

For Suez (1938), Loretta Young worked with costume designer Royer to create a series of elaborate dresses.  A hoop-skirt that she wore in one scene was so large that the set builders had to widen the doorways to make room for her to enter.

It reminds me of the 1904 comedy The Hoopskirt and the Narrow Door.

Iconic character actor Guy Kibbee was amazingly prolific during his time at Warner Bros. in the 1930s.  He was featured in seventeen films in 1932 alone.

Paola Pitagora plays a mentally unbalanced young woman in Fists in the Pocket (1965). 

Oliver Hardy stars in a Plump and Runt comedy, This Way Out (1916). 

Ann Sothern appears in a lovely studio portrait. 

42nd Street (1933) 

Donald O'Connor furtively eyes leggy Zizi Jeanmaire in Anything Goes (1956). 

Bob Hope pokes around a spooky mansion in The Ghost Breakers (1940).

Jimmy Cagney and Mary Brian lovingly gaze into each other's eyes in Hard to Handle (1933). 

Joe Roberts sweeps Sybil Seely off her feet in His Meal Ticket (1921).

The always funny Louis De Funès

A tense scene with Jean Gabin, Lucienne Bogaert and Annie Girardot in Maigret Sets a Trap (1958).

In Me and My Gal (1932), J. Farrell MacDonald is dejected that he lacks the money to care for his dog .

Spencer Tracy stops two boys from fighting in Me and My Gal (1932).

Frank Dawson is startled to see Melvyn Douglas in a wedding dress in They All Kissed the Bride (1942).

Noël Roquevert in A Monkey in Winter (1962)

Moira Lister quickly develops affection for Donald Houston in A Run for Your Money (1949).

Robert Young entertains a baby in Calm Yourself (1935).

Stanley Baker and Jeanne Moreau in Eva (1962)

Carla Del Poggio is a favorite of vaudeville patrons in Variety Lights (1950). 

Alberto Bonucci and Vittorio Caprioli perform a ventriloquist act in Variety Lights (1950). 

James Dunn and Mona Freeman in That Brennan Girl (1946) 

Sean Connery leads coal miners in a rebellion against mine owners in The Molly Maguires (1970).

Raf Vallone and Anna Maria Ferrero in The Forbidden Christ (1951) 

Edmund Lowe is devoted to his doggy friend in The Garden Murder Case (1936).

Ben Blue and Harry T. Morey in Very Close Veins (1934)

Ben Blue and Dorothy Dare in Very Close Veins (1934) 

Cindy Garner peeks through bushes in Since You Went Away (1944).

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