Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Peter Sellers: Great Comedian, Not So Great Person

If you are a fan of Peter Sellers, it might be best for you to keep away books or documentaries on the actor. Otherwise, you will learn that the comedian was a highly unpleasant character off-screen. I, myself, recently learned this from watching two documentaries on Sellers, The Ghost of Peter Sellers (2018) and Peter Sellers: A State of Comic Ecstasy (2020).  Peter Evans, author of "Peter Sellers: The Mask Behind the Mask," wrote:
"He causes pain to everyone who gets close to him," Spike Milligan warned me after I had been asked by Sellers to write his official autobiography in 1966. "There is no other actor like him, but he's a bloody monster. Don't get involved. He will let you down. He will screw you and - you know what? - he won't even notice."

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