Sunday, June 6, 2021

An Angry, Pompous Fool

I was recently disappointed to hear John Cleese express his disdain for American Christians.  He resents Christianity for promoting humility and gratitude, which he believes makes a person small.  Presumably, he prefers a secular existence in which people are urged to be self-important and entitled.  I don't see how the world benefits from Cleese's endless masses of self-important and entitled people.

Cleese has disappointed many of his old fans with his bombastic declarations on political matters.  The biggest problem that I have with the man is that he so often contradicts himself.  He once lamented that, due to immigration, "London was not really an English city anymore."  He has been highly critical of woke people, who he sees as humorless and foolish.  He has stated in the strongest of terms his opposition to cancel culture.  He has carped about the dishonesty of the press.   He has spoken out against transgender females playing on female sports teams.  He shares every one of these views with the vast majority of conservatives.  Yet, shockingly, he has made it clear that the people he hates the most are the conservatives.  Makes no sense to me. 

A Reddit user posted this caustic commentary on Cleese.

So, a comedian who specialized in playing angry, pompous fools turns out to be an angry, pompous fool.

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