Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Are Pies Needed for a Pie Fight?

In browsing old trade journals, I came across another pie fight film, The Band Leader (1914, Vitagraph).  Moving Picture World reported, "[Wally Van] leads the band and beats the pieman in the battle of love.  Pies are the weapons.  In the midst of fire and smoke Van is the victor."  The film received further attention in a second Moving Picture World article: "[Band leader Van] and Lillian decide to elope during an attack on the band by some of the pie factory employees."  

Constance Bennett and Joel McCrea in Rockabye (1932)

It occurred to me recently that a pie fight doesn't need a pie.  A sloppy comic melee, which is all that a pie fight is, can come in a variety of forms.  This fish fight from Bride for Sale (1949) closely resembles a pie fight.

So does a milk bottle battle in Flirting With The Movies (1927).  

The film can be viewed at

A cake fight looks no different than a pie fight.

Sea Legs (1930) 

Yes, the comic melee can take many forms.

A Chump At Oxford (1940)


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