Sunday, June 6, 2021

Pengar (1946)

The Swedish comedy Pengar (1946) stars Nils Poppe as a tramp who is about to end his sorry life when he learns that he has become an heir to a fortune.  A group of evil brothers persuade the tramp to list them as beneficiaries in a will and then sets out to murder him as quickly as possible. 

Poppe, who also wrote and directed the film, was greatly influenced by Charlie Chaplin.  This influence is especially evident in the film's tragic ending.  

We interrupt this article for a spoiler alert!

The tramp falls in love with a lovely young cook, Maria (Inga Landgré), and intends to marry her.  He expects that his newfound wealth will allow them to live in luxury.  

Unfortunately, he is minutes late in claiming the inheritance and loses out to a backup heir.  

When he leaves Maria waiting for him outside a building, she suddenly meets a lost love and the two rush off together to be married.  The tramp stumbles out of the building, confused by the disappearance of his intended bride.

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