Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas 2023

Of course, these images were generated by Midjourney.  Here are a few extra images that I wasn't able to fit into the video. 

"Frankly, Rudolph, I don't give a damn."
Happy holidays, my friends!

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rain Scenes for November 2023

Funny Men by Midjourney

The British Music Hall

The Best of Midjourney for December 2023

Midjourney Assortment for December 2023

Beautiful AI Ladies for December 2023

The Three Little Pigs

Santa Claus by Midjourney

I mostly feature the traditional Santa Claus in my new Santa video, but I am intrigued by a few of the more imaginative versions of The Claus that have been produced by Midjourney.  

This Brotherhood of Steel version of Santa was created by Living_Tip.

Santa Claus 2077 is the work of boongaoutdafront.

Santa doesn't know the difference between a nice and naughty child's gift in this faux snapshot from philatz. 

Kris Kringle is the Crimelord of Candy Lane as imagined by Retardfrog-fish.

Attack of the Rubber Duckies

Midjourney meets most of its challenges.  A user asked to see a Pineapple Owl plush toy.  This is what Midjourney turned out.  

Not bad.  It looks ready for marketing and production.  But, for now, the program does have its limits.  

I asked Midjourney to create a simple image - a comedian lounging in a bathtub.  I expected to make a series of images with this silly and soapy theme.  But, to my surprise, Midjourney experienced difficulty with my prompt.  How difficult can it be to place a funny man into a round porcelain container?  The fact that a person is nude in a bathtub and the program is adverse to nudity was undoubtedly part of the problem.  I thought to solve the problem by clarifying that the comedian is nestled in a bubble bath and his naughty bits are thoroughly concealed beneath the bubbles.  It made no difference.  The program was unmoved by the clear modesty of my bathtub scene.  So, it depicted my bathers fully and awkwardly clothed.  Also, Midjourney perceived the rubber duckie as an important fixture of the bathtub.  As a result, rubber duckies amassed inside the tubs like a military flotilla.  In some instances, rubber duckies menacingly scaled the walls of the bathroom.  It was a surreal horror show.  

Finally, the program didn't understand exactly the way that a person fits inside a bathtub.  Here are the final results of my strenuous efforts.

I thank you for coming by.

The Inimitable John Candy

John Candy has been an elusive subject for Midjourney.  Let's look at various attempts by Midjourney members to create an accurate likeness of the comedian. 








tonyfilmhistory (me!)

Candy as Shrek by forevertwerp






mapps22 (with alterations by me)

I wanted to see how Candy would look as The Grinch.

I will celebrate on the day that Midjourney can give me a perfect image of The Three Stooges, or Laurel and Hardy, or Buster Keaton.  This is a recent effort by piebaby to depict the Stooges.  

I, myself, produced these images.  

Of course, these look nothing at all like the Stooges.  

I know, I know, this doesn't look like Laurel and Hardy.  But let us pretend that this is an alternate universe Laurel and Hardy.  We can call them Laurence and Horace.  

Laurence and Horace are transplanted onto a H.R. Giger-designed set by cosmicdiadrone.

This is how Midjourney envisions Buster Keaton as Mad Max.

Midjourney will certainly reach a new level when it manages to capture Cary Grant’s distinct good looks and debonair style.  As of now, the AI programs fall far short of getting Grant right.


Microsoft Image Creator

Grant meets a 1950s robot in this image created by jcichowski.  I made a couple of alterations to the image. 

Grant was cast as an assassin by pheritz.

Midjourney can capture an accurate likeness of two comedians, Robin Williams and Bill Murray.  I produced these images of Williams within minutes.

I assembled my images of Murray into a video slideshow.  I generated most of the images myself, but a few of the images came from the following Midjourney members: addictionink, Ben_Sano and Comprehensive_Ask987.