Sunday, December 10, 2023

Attack of the Rubber Duckies

Midjourney meets most of its challenges.  A user asked to see a Pineapple Owl plush toy.  This is what Midjourney turned out.  

Not bad.  It looks ready for marketing and production.  But, for now, the program does have its limits.  

I asked Midjourney to create a simple image - a comedian lounging in a bathtub.  I expected to make a series of images with this silly and soapy theme.  But, to my surprise, Midjourney experienced difficulty with my prompt.  How difficult can it be to place a funny man into a round porcelain container?  The fact that a person is nude in a bathtub and the program is adverse to nudity was undoubtedly part of the problem.  I thought to solve the problem by clarifying that the comedian is nestled in a bubble bath and his naughty bits are thoroughly concealed beneath the bubbles.  It made no difference.  The program was unmoved by the clear modesty of my bathtub scene.  So, it depicted my bathers fully and awkwardly clothed.  Also, Midjourney perceived the rubber duckie as an important fixture of the bathtub.  As a result, rubber duckies amassed inside the tubs like a military flotilla.  In some instances, rubber duckies menacingly scaled the walls of the bathroom.  It was a surreal horror show.  

Finally, the program didn't understand exactly the way that a person fits inside a bathtub.  Here are the final results of my strenuous efforts.

I thank you for coming by.

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