Sunday, December 10, 2023

My Latest Midjourney Experiences

I continue to enjoy playing around with Midjourney and observing the program's rapid advancements.  The program is now able to produce realistic images of people.

These images were produced by alfonso5999, joshsolarnew and Storm Cagle

Amazon Studios provided the following plot summary for their new Christmas comedy, Candy Cane Lane
A man is determined to win the neighborhood's annual Christmas decorating contest.  He makes a pact with an elf to help him win -- and the elf casts a spell that brings the 12 days of Christmas to life, which brings unexpected chaos to town.
I asked Midjourney to generate movie stills based on this plot.  Here is the result.  

A couple of months ago, I posted an article showing a number of AI variations on Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's classic "Dogs Playing Poker" oil painting series.  This is an example.

The hats are an interesting new twist.  A more recent variation, this one featuring chickens playing poker, was recently created by Carsonami.  

This inspired me to create my own Dinosaurs Playing Poker.

I have a few leftover images from my It's A Wonderful Halloween video.

On Twitter, Sean Ono Lennon commented on Ridley Scott's new Napoleon film.

I promptly went to Midjourney to create these images.  First, we have Napoleon Dynamite Bonaparte.  

Then, we have Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Dynamite.  

Finally, we have a teenage Mr. Bonaparte.

I liked a cyborg lady created by Academic_Leopard_559.  

I set out to make the cyborg more aesthetically pleasing by giving her a more feminine face.

I asked Midjourney to produce images for the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."  This is what the program provided.

This is Paul Gustave Dore's depiction of Hell for Dante Alighieri's poem "The Vision of Hell."  

This is Midjourney's reimagining of Dore's Hell.

image by prompted

These cat chairs are not Midjourney's most practical design.  I doubt it would be comfortable having the cat's snout poking you in the back.

image by AI Generated Nonsense

This image, produced by AI Generated Nonsense, represents the historic moment that the pineapple pizza was first introduced to an Italian.

This is a poster for the 1948 Randolph Scott western Albuquerque (1948).

These are faux vintage posters produced by Midjourney.

image by esg123

This is an AI-generated video of a Hogwarts party.

Happy holidays!

image by John Weber

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