Friday, May 5, 2023

Snow Scenes in Movies

The script for this video was provided by an AI program called Write Sonic. The narrator's voice was provided by an AI program called Eleven Labs.
Writesonic has its glitches, as it has demonstrated before.  It incorrectly identified two snow scenes.  It wrote:
Another famous snow scene is the opening sequence of The Sound of Music, in which Julie Andrews sings "The Hills Are Alive" while twirling in the snow. Other famous snow scenes include the "flying" scene in It's a Wonderful Life. . .
Andrews does not twirl in snow in The Sound of Music.  We can see a snow-capped mountaintop in the distant background, but the sky above Andrews is clear and sunny.  In It's a Wonderful Life, the angelic emissary who came to help George Bailey is surely able to fly Bailey over Bedford Falls.  But Bailey and the angel never become airbound.

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