Monday, May 22, 2023

My Continuing Obsession with Midjourney

Dors_Venabili presents the face of depression in the style of Nicoletta Ceccoli.

Here is a video of outstanding Midjourney images from the last month.
Midjourney members enjoy creating their own movies.  This is an attempt by supernovagirl to cast a Greek mythology film with Matt Barr as Hephaestus and Florence Pugh as Aphrodite.

Quasarblazar imagines a Wes Anderson comedy that stars Dave Chappelle as a rapper who pursues a new career as a pastry chef.

Hlchappe had the idea to cast Jude Law as a customs agent in an Anderson film.

This hipster Abraham Lincoln was created by icebreakermint.

These steampunk androids were generated by a Midjourney member named emn1991.

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