Wednesday, May 3, 2023

More Midjourney Images

These images are the result of my latest excursion on Midjouney.  

I have been working hard to train the program on creating an accurate likeness of Abbott and Costello.  This is the best that I could get for now.

Other Midjourney members are trying to get the program to capture the unique physical characteristics of The Three Stooges.  This latest image was produced by eggplanto.

These images are an attempt to place Harold Lloyd in the Pokemon universe.

Lloyd was used as a reference point for the following portraits, which mix up the styles of Banksy, Pixar and Shepard Fairey.  The idea for this style blending came from AirDesign.

Here are other images in this same style.

I asked the program for a pretty Western schoolmarm.

Here are comedians riding atop a missile.

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