Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Midjourney Cannot Understand a Slingshot

I wanted to create an image of a slingshot.  I envisioned either a Tom Sawyer-like scamp using a slingshot or a slingshot lying on a table or chair.  But I could not get Midjourney to understand what a slingshot was.  I described it in detail.  I provided illustrations and photos.  This is what I got.    

This looks like a S & M device.

Oh, yes, the magical slingshot!

I explained, "A Y-shape stick serves as the frame to the slingshot.  A rubber band is attached to the stick's prongs at one end while, at the other end, the rubber band is attached to a small pouch.  A stone is fitted inside the pouch.  The stone can be propelled forward by drawing back the rubber band and letting it snap loose, which causes the rubber band to spring forward and launch the stone at a target."  It's a convoluted description, I know, but it was the best that I could do.  This is what I got.  

  What the hell is that?!

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