Monday, August 12, 2019

Seth Rogen Makes A Film That Jeffrey Epstein Would Have Loved

Seth Rogen flagrantly sexualizes children in his latest comedy, Good Boys (2019).  The film isn't due to be released until August 16, but the film's busy trailer outlines the plot.

The plot is set into motion when three 12-year-old boys are invited to a kissing party. The uninitiated boys, fearful of making fools of themselves, set out to educate themselves about the intimate physical contact between a man and a woman.  In the trailer, the boys fool around with a sex doll, anal beads, a dildo, and a bondage mask.  At one point, the boys come into possession of the sexual stimulant Ecstasy.  You want to know the level of comedy in the film?  One of the boys sniffs the anal beads and exclaims, "It smells like shit!"

Take a look at the anal beads scene.  A photo of the boy's mother smiling contentedly is situated on the wall behind the boy.  Is this meant to suggest that she is the happy owner of the anal beads?  Probably. 

Do I dare get to a Room 237 level of film analysis?  The boy's head dips down to the level of the mother's anus right before he says, "It smells like shit!"  The scene is creepy no matter how deeply you want to analyze it. 

The boys watch a porn film to see how men and women kiss.  The film leaves them aghast.  One boy says, "No one even kissed."  His friend responds, "Well, not on their mouths at least."

This little girl (Lina Renna) mocks the boys for not knowing that a swing hanging up in her parents' bedroom is used for sex.

How does a seven-year-old girl know about a sex swing?

In a convenience store, one of boys tries to steal a bottle of beer by hiding it down his pants.  The bottle creates an outline meant to suggest the bulge of a penis.  A police officer realizes what's going on and confronts the boy.  The boy insists the bulge is his "big dick."  The audience is expected to roar with laughter when the officer commands, "Pull it out."  Yes, little boy, pull it out!  He wants to see it!  Tee-hee.  This is knee-slapping humor only if you're a pedophile. 

The boys make use of a dildo to make their escape.

I would have thought that pedophiles were getting enough laughs with Big Mouth, an animated Netflix series about 12-year-old boys who obsess over their penises, masturbate at every opportunity, and figure out in the debut episode how to hump their pillows.  The series was put together by Rogen pal Nick Kroll. 

Kroll provided the voice of a douche in Rogen's animated sex comedy Sausage Party (2016).

Sausage Party is, for its entire running time, foul, disgusting and perverted.  The fact that it mimics a Pixar film assured that it found its way to children, which was possibly the main purpose of the project.  Rogen jokes about this in the trailer for Good Boys.  The trailer opens with Rogen, as himself, meeting with his young stars.  He informs them that they are not old enough to watch the trailer.  The boys are quick to protest, explaining that they have seen all of the actor's raunchy comedies.
Jacob Tremblay: "We've seen Sausage Party."

Rogen: "You saw Sausage Party?'

Brady Noon: "You made a cartoon!  That's on you, dude."
This is nothing new.  In 2008, the raunchy Rogen comedy Zach and Miri Make a Porno was marketed with kid-friendly ads.

Rogen has genuinely referred to Good Boys as his "most refined, cultured work to date."  Unbelievable.  In our upside down world, the vulgar is the refined.

The film smells like shit.

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  1. Amazing review, the trailer made me nauseous. I am cancelling Hollywood this shit is INSANE.