Monday, August 12, 2019

Lighten Up, Hollywood! 

Last week, the Hollywood studios released a host of trailers to online outlets to promote their Fall releases.  There isn't a single trailer in the bunch that isn't dark and ugly.  This is modern-day Hollywood entertainment - films about kidnappers, drug smugglers, cop-killers, post-apocalyptic gangs, a hitman, a psychotic little girl, and a homicidal autograph-seeker. 

Nothing is remarkable about the homicidal autograph-seeker film, titled The Fanatic, except that it features John Travolta in a funny haircut.  The film is yet another entry in the tired "obsessed fan" genre, which also includes Play Misty for Me (1971), Smile, Jenny, You're Dead (1974), The Fan (1981), The Seduction (1982), The Last Horror Film (1982), The King of Comedy (1982), Misery (1990), Private Obsession (1995), Number One Fan (1995), The Fan (1996), Nurse Betty (2000), The Incredibles (2004), Big Fan (2009), and Number One Fan (2014).

What is the purpose of bombarding people with these images?


It's no wonder young people today are losing their minds.

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