Monday, November 19, 2018

Spotlight on Benoît Poelvoorde

In the last few months, I have come to appreciate the versatile talents of Belgian actor Benoît Poelvoorde.  For more than a quarter of a century, Poelvoorde has turned in strong performances in a wide range of roles.  He has played a vicious hit man, a bungling cop, a coarse carpenter, a dispirited photographer, a shy chocolate maker, a lonely millionaire, and a creepy veterinarian.  Oh, I almost forgot, he played God in one film.

Here is a select list of the actor's films:

C'est arrivé près de chez vous (1992) (English title: Man Bites Dog)


Les randonneurs (1997) (English title: Hikers)


Les convoyeurs attendent (1999)


Les portes de la gloire (2001) (English title: Doors of Glory)


Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert (2001)


Le Boulet (2001) (English title: Dead Weight)


Podium (2004)

Aaltra (2004) 

Cult Films provided the following plot summary:
In this pitch black comedy the rivalry between two neighbors escalates into an all out war. Through a maintenance error on a tractor they both end up, paralyzed, in a wheelchair. It seems they are doomed to stay together.  They no longer focus their rage on each other but on the manufacturer of the tractor, in Helsinki.  So get ready for a hilarious wheelchair road movie.

Entre ses mains (2005)

Du jour au lendemain (2006)

Les deux mondes (2007) (English title: Two Worlds)

More information about this film is provided here.

Les randonneurs à Saint-Tropez (2008)

La guerre des miss (2008) (English title: Beauties at War)

Les émotifs anonymes (2010) (English title: Romantics Anonymous)

Mon pire cauchemar (2011) (English title: My Worst Nightmare)

Rien à déclarer (2011) (English title: Nothing To Declare) 

Le grand soir (2012)


Une place sur la Terre (2013) (English title: A Place on Earth)

My review of this film can be found here.

Les rayures du zèbre (2014)

La rançon de la gloire (2014) (English title: The Price of Fame)


Le tout nouveau testament (2015) (English title: The Brand New Testament)


Une famille à louer (2015) (English title: Family for Rent)

Saint Amour (2016)


7 jours pas plus (2017)


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