Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Mad Plastic Surgeon's Circus Freak Show


Circus of Horrors, a British horror film from 1960, has the creepiest of plots.  A deranged plastic surgeon, Dr. Rossiter (Anton Diffring), is on the run from the police for surgical misdeeds.  He befriends a circus owner (Donald Pleasence) and manipulates the man into letting him run his circus. 

Rossiter is attracted to disfigured women, who he is able to transform through his talents as a surgeon and put on display in a popular circus attraction called "Temple of Beauty." 

He becomes obsessed with controlling these women, believing that they are his own personal creations, and he takes delight in pressuring the women to satisfy his perverse sexual desires. 

Cavett Bunion of AllMovie wrote, "[I]t's not long before the ladies' gratitude begins to wear thin, and they begin to plan their escape. . . only to meet horrible ends in carefully-orchestrated catastrophes while performing."

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