Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kick Ass!

Noomi Rapace in Unlocked (2017)
A week doesn't pass without the American public getting to see another action film with a woman who can kick ass.  I can't believe that most people haven't gotten tired of this already.

Women are generally violent in action films as well as comedies.  Amy Poehler appears in the trailer for The House as, in her own words, "a badass bitch." 

This is the way that Hollywood wants women to be: angry, violent and destructive.  In contrast, the men in films now tend to be far less aggressive than the traditional male.  This is the reason that, in The House, Will Ferrell is able to explore his feminine side by donning a stylish pair of women's sunglasses.  


I have produced a video on the subject of Hollywood's violent women for my YouTube channel.

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