Monday, February 20, 2017

DVD Recommendation: Accidentally Preserved, Volume 4

Three films stood out for me on the new DVD release Accidentally Preserved, Volume 4.

A Man's Size Pet (1926) involves a pair of cowhands who must interrupt their romantic rivalry to flee an aggressive bear.

Nonsense (1920) provides a number of amusing scenes, including a man careening down a road atop his bed. . .

. . . and a pair of men wearing stilts under oversized slacks to exaggerate their stature.

A bed has occasionally traveled down a road in a comedy film.  Take for example this scene from Abbott and Costello's Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942).


Meet Father (1925) includes a number of familiar gags, many of which were pilfered from Larry Semon's gag-a-second comedies.  But Bobby Ray, as a blank-faced simpleton, is interesting. 

One original routine stood out for me.  Ray is unable to get his car around a dog in the road.  He finds that, no matter where he moves his car, the roving mutt is sure to wind up in his path.  This would have been a perfect routine for Lloyd Hamilton. 


This catsup gag from Meet Father should be familiar to fans of The Three Stooges. 

Curly Howard performs the same gag in An Ache in Every Stake (1941).

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