Sunday, December 6, 2015

Man-Child Week on Anthony Balducci’s Journal

I welcome you to Man-Child Week on Anthony Balducci’s Journal.  My blog will be dedicated for the entire week to celebrating the release of my new book, I Won't Grow Up!: The Comic Man-Child in Film from 1901 to the Present.


I have set out chips and dip for the celebration.  Also, I hired a bartender to satisfy your beverage needs.  I recommend that you have the bartender prepare you Buddy Love’s favorite drink - an Alaskan Polar Bear Heater.  The drink consists of 2 shots vodka, 1 shot run, 1 shot vermouth, 1 shot brandy, 1 shot gin, 1 shot scotch, a dash of bitters, a smidgen of vinegar, a lemon peel, an orange peel, and a cherry.

Please pace yourself throughout our week-long celebration.  I know that this is a party and we are here to have a good time, but it is in your best interest to limit your alcohol intake.  Remember, controlling your behavior at a party is an important part of being an adult.  


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