Saturday, June 6, 2015

Comedy's Most Devoted Partners: Fox and Ward

Joseph Fox and William H. Ward were a steadfast comedy team for at least 64 years.  They first combined their talents in 1868 and were still playing engagements in 1932.  According to a 1932 news item, the duo was signed to a two-year contract by the Keith theatre chain.  For years, the men boasted of being the longest running comedy team of minstrel shows and vaudeville.  Unfortunately, no further record of their act can be found beyond the news of the contract signing.  Ward died in 1934 and Fox died in 1937.

To this day, Fox and Ward's record for longevity remains unbroken.  The comedy team that has come closest to their record is the Three Stooges, who worked together for a total of 44 years.  Stooges Moe Howard and Larry Fine were consistently active as a team from 1925 to 1969.

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