Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Horror of High-Definition Television


A highlight of a 2009 30 Rock episode, "Dealbreakers Talk Show # 0001," was a spoof of high-definition television.  A high-definition camera, which can capture a person's slightest physical flaws, makes Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) look like a crone.

30 Rock ("Dealbreakers Talk Show # 0001," 2009)

The routine received much praise from fans and critics after its initial broadcast.

A similar routine turned up on a 1964 episode of The Jack Benny Show called "How Jack Found Dennis."

 The Jack Benny Show ("How Jack Found Dennis," 1964)

The poor quality of this clip obscures the quality of Benny's make-up, which was created by Jack Barron.  Barron had previously turned out scary make-up designs for the horror anthology series Thriller.  Here are two examples. 
"The Cheaters" (1960)

"The Incredible DokTor Markesan" (1962)

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