Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simulated Scotch

A novel comedy routine showed up on theater screens in 1955.  Oddly, the routine was featured in two unrelated films, which happened to be released only two weeks apart.  In You're Never Too Young (1955), Jerry Lewis must hide the fact that he emptied a bottle of Scotch.  His solution is to cleverly mix products from a first aid cabinet to create a concoction that has the taste and color of Scotch. 

You're Never Too Young (1955)

In Mister Roberts (1955), Ensign Pulver (Jack Lemmon) has convinced a nurse to go on a date with him by promising to share a rare bottle of Scotch with her.  Unfortunately, the bottle that he expected to use is no longer available.  His friends, Roberts (Henry Fonda) and Doc (William Powell), come to his assistance by creating simulated scotch out of pure alcohol, Coca-Cola, iodine and hair tonic.

Mister Roberts (1955)

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