Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Gang Does the Classics

I watched a few Our Gang comedies the other day and I could not help but notice the gang using  a number of stock routines.  These routines are no doubt familiar to fans of classic comedy.

Farina employs a Rube Goldberg-style machine to make breakfast in Little Daddy (1931).

Chubby tries on a variety of hats in Bargain Day (1931).

Wheezer, Stymie and Shirley Jean perform the "Watt Street?" routine in Bargain Day (1931).

In A Tough Winter (1930), Stepin Fetchit's inept efforts at plumbing repair causes plumbing lines and gas lines to get mixed up.

In Love Business (1931), Jackie's mother (May Wallace) unknowingly spills a box of mothballs into a pot of soup.  Miss Crabtree, a guest for dinner, tries to politely eat the horrid tasting mothball soup, but she has finally had enough and pushes away her plate.  She forces an awkward grin and offers a perfect backhanded compliment, "It's a little too rich for me."

This is off topic, but I have to say that Dorothy DeBorba did the greatest doubletakes.

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