Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Couple of Laughs from Weber and Fields

Weber and Fields were, without a doubt, the forefathers of Abbott and Costello.  I cannot help but think of Abbott and Costello whenever I read one of Weber and Fields' typical dialogue exchanges.

Fields - It will be the best thing I ever put your money in.

Weber - Well, I will say one thing for you.  Whenever you have pushed my money in you have done it good.  It never came back.  Sometimes I have a suspicion when you are around that my money don’t belong to me.

Fields - What you need is physical torture to reduce yourself — you're too fat. 

Weber - I don't believe in it.  I bought one of those exercisers, put it in my room, and would you believe me, I gained six pounds in a week.

Fields - You didn't use it right.

Weber - Do you have to use it?

A similar joke turned up in a recent episode of Kirstie.

That's the problem with exercise equipment.  It's not enough to have it in your home - you have to actually use it!

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