Saturday, August 24, 2013

Silent Film Comedians in the Trade Magazines

Let's start with one of the first film comedy stars.

Max Linder

Max poses for a portrait.

 A caricature of Max.

Max in dramatic form.

Max greets Charlie Chaplin.

Max with Chaplin again.

Max attends a party with Chaplin.

Billy Dooley

Billie Ritchie

The Man of a Thousand Scowls.

 Ritchie in an early "high and dizzy" comedy, The House of Terrible Scandals (1917).

Another still from The House of Terrible Scandals (1917).

Also, I was browsing through folders on my hard drive and I found screen captures of Billie Ritchie from Live Wires and Love Sparks (1916).


Clyde Cook

Larry Semon

Larry occupies center stage in this caricature of 1920s film stars. 

Lloyd Hamilton

Lupino Lane

This is a still from Pirates Beware (1928) that was published in Motion Picture News.

I found other images from Pirates Beware on my hard drive.

Find out more about these comedians and others in Eighteen Comedians of Silent Films.

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