Friday, April 13, 2012

Vamps, Vacuum Cleaners and Nosey Balloons

I continue to come across stock gags and routines. Here is some familiar comic business.

Pancake Breaks Plate Gag
 Billy Bevan in By Heck (1921)

Vamp Routine
Snub Pollard in All Wet (1926) 

Balloon with a Face Routine
Charlie Murray and Ben Turpin in Home Talent (1921) 

Vacuum Cleaner Routine
No Vacancies (1923)

 Hair Stands Up Gag

This tried-and-true gag was found in the 1921 Sennett comedy Home Talent.  The situation is that Charlie Murray is tied up to a steam boiler about to explode.

Larry Semon tries his best to be chivalrous in The Rent Collector (1921). 

The exact same routine was performed by a number of comedians.   Here, however, is a clever variation of the routine performed by Billy Bevan in Ma and Pa (1922).

I found the source of another Three Stooges' routine.

The Three Stooges in A Bird In The Head (1946)

Billy Bevan in Ma and Pa (1922)

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