Thursday, May 5, 2022

Man-Child Comedy: Tanguy (2001)

I recently came across a unique man-child comedy.  It's a 2001 French comedy called Tanguy.  Tanguy (Eric Berger), a 28-year-old student, is not a bad person.  He's neat, polite, good-natured, loving and, especially important, competent.  This man-child will not burn up the kitchen while cooking dinner.  He will not borrow his dad's car and run it into a lake.  The problem with him is simple.  He's there.  He's there and he never wants to leave.  The comedy of the film comes from the parents' frustration, desperation and outrage at being unable to stand down from their role as parents.  Tanguy is certainly needy, unable to get through a day without his parents reassuring him that they love him.  He has a panic attack when he has to spend a night alone.  

It is comical to see the pent-up rage the couple gradually develops towards their banal offspring.  A highlight of the film is montage that shows the joyful life the parents enjoy while their son is away for a week.   

You can read more about man-child comedy in my book "I Won't Grow Up."

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