Wednesday, March 6, 2019

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Tutti a casa (English title: Everybody Go Home) (1960)

Alberto Sordi hides from German soldiers.

A young person would do well to take a break from The Walking Dead and instead watch Tutti a casa.  The film, directed by neorealism master Luigi Comencini, captures with heartbreaking authenticity the real-life apocalypse that Italy suffered after the Allied invasion of Rome and Sicily and the subsequent armistice in 1943.  The story centers on a group of Italian soldiers who disband from their unit and struggle on foot through the country's ruins to find their way home.

Their biggest challenge is to avoid German soldiers.  Hitler, who felt betrayed by Italy and feared the country would now assist Allied forces, commanded his military to initiate hostilities against his former allies through Operation Achse.  This proved to be a cruel military strategy, which brought about further bloodshed and hardship for a nation already crippled by war.

Serge Reggiani, Alberto Sordi and Eduardo De Filippo
But what is most amazing about this film is that, amid the death and destruction, it makes room for many good comic moments.  The film's humor is evident in the following scene.

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