Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End-of-Year Cleaning

I always like to clean up my office and clear out my files at the end of the year.

Wow, my typewriter has a lot of dust on it!

Let us now see what I have lingering in my files. 

I can never get enough of Max Linder.  This is a portrait of Max that was distributed to press outlets to promote Max in a Taxi (1917).

An old comic vaudeville gag got a monstrous twist in a recent episode of Face Off.

Something more monstrous is this photo from Star Spangled Rhythm (1942), which features Arthur Treacher, Walter Catlett and Sterling Holloway performing the musical drag number "Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang."

I recently wrote an article about the Fox comedy extravaganza Skirts.  A hand-colored still from the film just happened to turn up on Facebook.

Buster Keaton performed an early version of the head-caught-in-a-banister routine in The Haunted House (1921).

I always love a good animated gif.


The mirror has always been a rich source of amusement.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
Buster Keaton

Mary Pickford in The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)

Laurel and Hardy never turned down an opportunity to perform the hat mix-up gag.  This is a threeway hat mix-up, which is a difficult trick and should not be attempted by amateurs.

Here's a hat roll trick from Charlie Chaplin.

Eddie Cantor performs an interesting variation on an old Max Linder routine in Kid Boots (1926).

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