Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Doll Abuse Part 3

I have come to the conclusion that a comedian tossing around a faux baby is a British thing.  I wrote about this subject twice before.  Click here and here for those articles. 

An unidentified British comedy film was described in the 1938 National Film Library Catalogue as follows: "A mischievous newsboy changes the babies in two prams outside a shop.  A man comes out and wheels one pram away.  A woman comes out to the other, discovers her loss, and chases the man.  A policeman joins in the chase.  The man is momentarily caught and in the altercation which follows.  The policeman finds himself left with the baby.  He throws it over a wall, but it bounces back into his arms." 

This is similar to a sketch from the BBC comedy show Harry Hill's Fruit Fancies (1994).

A particularly outrageous example of baby doll abuse occurred in a sketch from another BBC series, The Big Train (1998).

This scene from Ernst Lubitsch's The Oyster Princess (1919) is similar to the famous baby doll scene from I Love Lucy ("Pregnant Women are Unpredictable," 1952).  


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