Monday, March 10, 2014

Ja, Neil Simon!

The comedy of American playwright Neil Simon has translated well overseas.  Numerous versions of The Sunshine Boys have been produced in Germany.  The still that appears at the start of this article is from a 1974 version of the play staged in Munich.  The actors are Paul Verhoeven (right) and Heinz Rühmann (left).  Here are stills from other productions.

Next is a YouTube clip from a 1999 television adaptation that starred Otto Schenk and Helmut Lohner.

YouTube also provided me with a film clip from a version of The Odd Couple produced at the Borras Theater in Barcelona from 1994 to 1999.  The actors, who remained in the play for the full five-year run, are Paco Morán and Juan Pera.

The simple fact is that character comedy is universal.

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  1. The whole thing about the child with the STD scare is just not funny. However some clown out there thought that it was.