Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Mixed Bag of Fun

I continue to find interesting film clips, audio clips and image scans on the Internet.  Let me share my latest discoveries.

Buster Keaton managed to turn an old handshake routine into a running gag in Spite Marriage (1929).

Max Linder predated Keaton with a version of the routine that was featured in the 1916 comedy Max entre deux feux (also known as Max caught between two fires and Max, the Heartbreaker).

The routine was also performed by Lupino Lane in a Mountie comedy called Monty of the Mounted (1927).

Vaudeville legends Shaw & Lee can be seen performing the routine in a film clip from 1949.

Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton both played cocky lifeguards in films made in 1917.  The Lloyd film was By the Sad Sea Waves and the Keaton film was Coney Island.  A comparison of their performances are provided by animated screencaps at

Numerous GIF files of Keaton are circulating on the Internet.  These are my favorites.  Others can be found at

Keaton performs yet another version of the "carrying an unconscious woman" routine in What! No Beer? (1933).


The following clip gives credit to the classic comedians who influenced Morecambe and Wise.

Billie Reeves (left) boxes Billy Potter in a 1915 Lubin comedy, The Substitute.

"He's the biggest star in motion picture comedies today."  Who could they be talking about other than Snooky the Humanzee?

Who was Moe Howard's favorite comedian?  Take a quick listen to the following audio clip for the answer.

That's right, Moe said that his favorite comedian was Lloyd Hamilton.

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