Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Fine Manes

In the short story "Another Fine Mess," Ray Bradbury imagined Laurel & Hardy's ghosts haunting the staircase where The Music Box was filmed.  Bradbury described the haunting as follows:

There was a series of shouts and then a huge banging crash as the music box, in the dark, rocketed down the hill skittering on the steps, playing chords where it hit, swerving rushing and ahead of it, running the two shapes pursued by the musical beast, yelling tripping shouting, warning the Fates, crying out to the gods, down and down, forty, sixty, eighty, one hundred steps. 

I suspect, though, that this location holds more sentiment for fans than the comedians, who would have little reason to spend their afterlife being chased down a flight of stairs by a phantom piano.

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