Friday, March 9, 2012

Dining Out on the Cheap

I was recently interviewed by Ron Palumbo for the Abbott & Costello Quarterly. A subscription to the Quarterly can be purchased at We had an interesting and enjoyable discussion. Mr. Palumbo, co-author of Abbott and Costello in Hollywood, told me many things about Abbott & Costello that I did not know. Mr. Palumbo was kind to point out to me a slight omission in The Funny Parts. The Abbott & Costello routine "Turkey Sandwich and a Cup of Coffee" had roots in a Weber & Fields routine called "The Drinking Scene."

 Weber & Fields (1915)

Laurel & Hardy (1929)

Abbott & Costello (1941)

Without a doubt, Bud and Lou's pugnacious relationship adds an extra spark and dimension to the routine and makes it livelier and funnier than past versions.

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