Friday, February 17, 2012

The Leaf Blower as a New Comic Tool

A longstanding routine that involved a comedian being unable to control an overly powerful vacuum cleaner has been replaced in recent years by a comedian being unable to control an overly powerful leaf blower.


The outrageous gags of classic comedy, which have no place in the more mundane world of modern sitcoms, maintain a home on television in cartoons and commercials.  Although exceptions can  turn up at unusual times in television and movies.  Larry Semon once made himself look neat and efficient eating an unruly pile of spaghetti through the use of  camera tricks.  Another time, he used reverse photography to show Jimmy Aubrey effortlessly pouring beer into a mug even though Aubrey was, at the time, holding the bottle and mug at least two feet apart.  Similar to Semon's food tricks was a gag featured in Chronicle (2012) in which a young man eats Pringles through the use of telekinesis. 

I write in The Funny Parts about "animal rampage" comedies.  A scene from Fox's new animated Napoleon Dynamite series delivers all of the essential elements of a classic "animal rampage" comedy.

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