Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gag Me!

I felt a great sense of relief to meet the February 1st deadline on my new book. It was an enjoyable experience exploring the rich heritage of comedy and tracing the history of gags and routines, but it was not generally the easiest task and it often took time away from other vital activities. I can say, with regret, that I gained weight by anchoring myself to my computer instead of going on my usual morning bike rides.

I come away from the experience realizing that classic comedy never dies. This point can be proven by a simple visit to the multiplex. I offer two examples.

In the manner of W.C. Fields, Robert Downey Jr. resorts to violence to deal with an annoying child in Due Date (2010).

In Gulliver's Travels (2010), Jack Black reprises a routine from Abbott and Costello's Pardon My Sarong (1942).

I would offer further examples if not for my promise to go out on a bike ride.

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