Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ham and Bud on TCM

Here is the clip of Ham and Bud featured in the Chuck Jones documentary on TCM. The quality of this clip is a little better than most of the footage available on Ham and Bud. The Ham character was made popular by the nuances of Hamilton's performances and these nuances tend to get lost in prints that are murky or washed out. You can see in this clip the boyish glee in Hamilton's face as he and Bud decide to move in on a paperboy and take over his corner. Hamilton pushes his derby to one side and moves forward with a jaunty step. If you know anything about Ham and Bud, you know that they will soon chase off the paperboy and the paperboy will have to bring a police officer to the scene to get his corner back.

Last week, I learned that my publisher has received the corrected proofs for my Hamilton biography. They expect the book to become available to booksellers next month. I can't say enough good things about the McFarland staff. These wise and patient people gave this book a great deal of care. I love the layout. I love the photo reproductions. The editorial staff, including Natalie Foreman and Lisa Camp, far exceeded my expectations in the product they turned out.

As long as I am in a grateful mood, I want to take this opportunity to thank those people who have left comments on this site. It means a lot to me to get acknowledgment and encouragement for my work. I am about to get busy with my second book on silent film comedy, but I will still make the time to update this blog regularly.

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