Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lloyd Hamilton Gets His Start

These stills show Lloyd Hamilton in his early roles at the Kalem Company in 1914. Hamilton is partly hidden in the background of the first still. He is the man in the derby at the far right. The film is Sherlock Bonehead.

The still at right is from A Peach at the Beach. Hamilton, who is still experimenting with his make-up and costuming, is wearing a derby, a mustache and a putty nose. Hamilton, in fact, is wearing a putty nose in all of these stills. Bud, who played Hamilton's son in this comedy, is seen here clinging to his mother for protection.

Hamilton is campaigning against Marshall Neilan in a town election in A Substitute for Pants.

Hamilton is a Union general in The Deadly Battle at Hicksville.

Hamilton flirts with a secretary rather than mop the office floor in Lizzie the Lifesaver.

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