Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two-reel Comedy Festival

I would consider these comedies a good night's entertainment.

Marcel Perez in Oh, What a Day (1918)

Perez always offered something imaginative in his comedies.  I like his idea for an automatic bath that allows a person to get washed and dried with a minimum of effort.  The film was directed by William Seiter, who later directed Laurel & Hardy's Sons of the Desert (1933).

Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express (1918)

Toto (Armando Novello) in Fire the Cook (1918)

Love's False Faces (1919)

This Sennett comedy has a large cast.  The actors pictured in this preview include Chester Conklin, Jimmy Finlayson, Marie Prevost, Charlotte Mineau, Kalla Pasha, Eddie Gribbon and Heinie Conklin.

Lyons & Moran in Ready-Made Dudes (also known as A Dog Gone Shame) (1919)

Lyons and Moran were a highly successful comedy team in their day.  I was able to turn up a few images of the team. 

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